Wildfires leave devastation in their wake and miles of scorched earth. Many homeowners are left to rebuild their homes across the landscape. The task of rebuilding can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. Having a land survey completed after a wildfire is of paramount importance before you begin the process of rebuilding, and here’s why.

What a Land Survey Does

During the fire, the land has changed significantly in ways that can affect the land’s use or perimeters lost in the fire that is important to know. Land surveys provide answers to questions about the land, such as:

  • Where the boundaries of the property are located
  • The lay of the land and its geographic features
  • Are there utility easements

This information is necessary to determine if the land:

  • Fits your intended use
  • Know where you can ideally place structures to not infringe on easements or other property
  • Create the proper legal description

Boundaries set by a land surveyor are incredibly crucial in defining your property lines and completing the recorded legal description that protects your and your neighbor’s rights. We have all heard the verse that good fences make good neighbors; well, you need to know where to put those fences.

A land surveyor will also visually mark the property with wood stakes or flags that indicate where items are located or will be located. This will help you visualize how your home and community will take shape. Having a land survey done is the cornerstone of urban planning and is so essential that a great deal of time and money has been invested in drone surveillance.

Land Survey Drones

Land surveys are so vital to rebuilding after a wildfire that after the Thomas Wildfire’s destroyed 280,000 acres, surveyors are under high amounts of pressure to not be the bottle-neck in the rebuilding process, so drones are assisting in the land surveys. Benefits of drone surveys are:

  • Reducing survey times
  • The survey crew stays safe
  • High-resolution imagery

These drone benefits enhance the benefits of a land survey in protecting your asset and getting the reconstruction going faster and with less expense.

Final Thoughts

After wildfires, a phenomenon known as super bloom where a burst of energy occurs and flowers saturate what was once charred earth. The same can be said when you are rebuilding a community, there is an order in chaos, and that order starts with a land survey.

If you’re looking for help to rebuild after a wildfire, we have years of experience building custom homes and can help you through every stage of the process. Contact us online or give us a call at 707-849-9237 to get started.


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