If you want to build a custom home in Sonoma County, you may not be sure where to start. The process is very complex. Do you need to buy a lot first? When do you hire a builder? How do you design your home? Let’s discuss the basics of the process of building a custom home now.


Find Reliable Home Builders

As the first step of the process, you should find a reputable custom home builder in Sonoma County, like Homestar Building Performance. Finding your builder early ensures you can get the assistance you need when picking a lot, designing the layout of the home, picking out materials, developing a time frame, and so much more.

Your builder will work with you through every step of the process – so it’s very important to hire a builder with lots of experience, and with a stellar reputation in your area. Do your research, and choose carefully!


Identify A Lot For Your Home & Make The Purchase

It’s best to work with your builder to find a lot where your home can be built. A reputable construction company will be able to learn everything about a lot before purchase to ensure there are no hidden “surprises” or other issues, and can see the potential in a particular lot to ensure it’s a good investment.


Work With Your Builders To Develop A Custom Home Plan

After you’ve found a lot and it’s under contract, you will work closely with your builder to develop a custom home plan. With help from architects, interior designers, and building planners, you can create a home that’s truly one-of-a-kind, and has every feature you want.

This is the most important (and fun) part of building a custom home, so make sure you choose a builder with the necessary expertise to deliver an excellent floor plan and architectural design that has everything you want!


Contact Homestar Building Performance To Build Your Dream Home

After you’ve finalized your home’s custom plan and construction begins, there’s still a lot to do – but your builders will handle most of the process on their own, while keeping you in the loop about your project with frequent updates.

If the idea of a custom home in Sonoma Valley sounds good to you and you’d like to explore your options in more detail, Homestar Building Performance is an ideal partner. We have years of experience building custom homes and can help you through every stage of the process – from buying a lot to designing your home, breaking ground, and putting the finishing touches on your new home. Contact us online or give us a call at 707-849-9237 to get started.