Remodeling a kitchen is a fantastic way of increasing your home’s value, improving the quality of your life, and investing yourself in a very rewarding project. While a kitchen remodel is rarely easy or fast, it can go really smoothly if everything is planned thoroughly and the necessary steps are followed.

So, what should you do first?


The First Step in Remodeling Your Kitchen

Let’s consider planning to be a preliminary part of your remodeling, and it’s certainly one of the most important ones. Try to envision the final result and visit home improvement stores to search for the materials, furniture, fixture, and everything else you would need for your project.

You will most probably be adapting a lot on the way unless you are ready to invest more money and more time to get it just the way you wanted initially. A good team of contractors, an interior designer, engineer, or architect should be consulted, depending on the complexity of your project.


How to Plan a Kitchen Remodeling

Since planning your remodeling will dictate how the practical steps will go, give it enough time and know when to ask for professional help. Here is a basic idea of how your remodeling plan should go:

  • Establish a budget for your remodel

    One of the most important rules when establishing a budget when remodeling is to save 10-20% of the amount for unplanned expenses. These costs are seen very often in house improvement projects and you should definitely take them into account.


  • Start researching options and prices

    Check the market for materials, furniture, fixtures, and anything else you might need. Ask the stores if they can offer discounts or free services, and check flea markets for items that you don’t necessarily need to be new.


  • Be aware of hidden costs

    Sometimes, we don’t take hidden costs into account, and that can seriously mess up our budget. Knowing what hidden costs there are usually comes with experience, so hiring a remodeling team and involving them early on is important.

    Hidden costs can include taxes, transportation, cost of labor, etc. Being aware of these costs can also help you save money if you can do some of the tasks yourself.


Hire Professionals

Remodeling takes a lot of experience and expertise. Hiring a team of professionals like Homestar Building Performance will ensure that your remodeling goes smoothly and you are presented with the best solutions on the market. Give us a call at 707-849-9237 or contact us online to take the first step in remodeling your kitchen.


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