Building an ADU (also known as a “granny unit”) is a creative housing option that gives owners the possibility to extend their living space and accommodate their guests, or even tenants, on their own property.

An ACU can be built when the main house is built or added later on when new needs arise. In this post, we will present the main steps in building an ADU.


Understanding What an ADU Is?

An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a small building, separate from your house, that has its own kitchen and bathroom. You can use it as a guest house, rent it or turn it into private place to retreat to, and so on. To qualify as an accessory dwelling unit, it has to meet criteria like having its own foundation and being connected to the utilities.

If this concept seems fit for you, read on to find out what the main steps are when building an ADU.


Plan Your ADU

The first question you should answer is: What are you building an ADU for? Whether it’s for an elderly relative, a young family, a tenant, or a family renting out the space in the long term, you need to consider their needs.

Calculate your budget and start looking for a contractor.


Design Your ADU

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to build, establish where the ADU can be added, whether you want to convert a garage or another unit for it, etc. You don’t need an architect to design your ADU in California, but your plan must be approved by a structural engineer before you build.

If you don’t have experience designing a construction, work with a professional.


Build Your ADU

Working with a contractor that has built ADUs before is a plus, since they will know what type of challenges will arise, and can anticipate and prevent problems.

If you want to work with a highly experienced contractor in the Santa Rosa and Sonoma County areas, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Homestar Building Performance. We will create a reliable, efficient plan based on your needs, provide realistic estimates and let you browse our portfolio of ADUs we have built across the state.


We Can Help

Get in touch with Homestar Building Performance for a modern, high-quality ADU construction project. You can simply fill out the online contact form or call us at 707-849-9237.


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