Choosing between renovating the house you already have, buying a house to renovate, or building a new house from scratch is not a light decision. There are many factors to take into account, and it’s not all about how much the project is going to cost, but also what your perspectives are, and what you want to achieve with the space.


Cost of Building New Versus Renovating

It might seem intuitive that a new building will cost more to make than renovating an existing one, but, in some cases, renovations can go past the cost of building a new house. When estimating the costs you will have to cover for your big project, take into consideration everything you can, from how many hours it would take for the workers to finish the construction/renovation to how long and difficult it is to solve the paperwork.

It’s relatively easier to estimate the cost of building a new house than it is to put an estimate on renovations, especially if you are trying to renovate an old building. Some renovation projects can become extremely expensive, like buildings with history that require certain expertise to be back in shape and keep as much of the original elements as possible.

Of course, owners who embark on the renovation of a Victorian mansion know what they are looking for, and how costly such a project can get. Most renovations, however, are done to modern homes.


Project Duration for Building New Versus Renovating

With a new building, you have to deal with every single element, from the foundation to the final touches. Needless to say, most projects of building a new house last longer than most renovations.

Depending on how much you need to renovate in the house you own, and how complex the renovations are, a remodeling/renovation project can vary in duration, from a few months to as long as a year.


What Is Your Vision?

Building new or renovating can both achieve amazing results, and if what you envision is achievable through one of the two options, it’s simpler to do the math. When deciding to go with renovating a house, you will have to think about the elements it already has, and you must be prepared to change certain features, especially if the house is older.

If you have such a project in mind and you want to make an educated, informed decision, don’t hesitate to contact Homestar Building Performance. You can fill in the online form on our website, or call 707-849-9237. We are expert contractors with plenty of experience in both constructions and remodeling and can give you the best advice on the matter.


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