The interest in building accessory dwelling units (ADUs) has grown significantly in recent years. This happened largely because of changes in legislation that have made these projects much easier and more profitable. The law in California, for example, favors those who are looking to expand their living space by building an ADU. Not to mention, recent global events and life during a pandemic have encouraged people to stay more at home or take in relatives who were more affected financially.


Rental Space with Affordable Investment

ADUs were originally spaces where families could host a relative, older children, friends, or anyone close to them in need of privacy. This is why ADUs are also known as “granny units”. However, they can also be used as rental units.

The cost of building an ADU in Sonoma County can be high, depending on whether you’re building a brand new structure, or renovating an existing part of your property. You can estimate the cost by using the Napa/Sonoma online ADU cost calculator.


Getting Loans Is Easier, with Home Values Rising

The investment you need for your ADU unit can be obtained more easily from banks, as the home value increases due to high demand. This makes an investment in an ADU even more profitable, and a good idea to implement while the housing market is leaning towards the homeowner’s benefit.


You Can Easily Get Building Permits for an ADU in Sonoma County

Legislation is also encouraging homeowners to expand their living space, as permits for an ADU are much easier to obtain than before. Municipalities are encouraging more sustainable housing, and local contractors like Homestar Building Performance can handle the paperwork and permit applications for you.

If you have decided to build an ADU or convert an existing unit into an accessory dwelling unit, work with an experienced contractor who knows the legal, administrative, and practical requirements for your project.


Start Your Project With Us

We at Homestar Building Performance have built or converted hundreds of units in the past 20 years. Our experience covers any type of dwelling unit out there and taught us to have high-quality, creative solutions for our clients.

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