Access of people with disabilities to any service, place, and activity should be one of our aims as a society. Every business and institution that makes a step towards giving full access to disabled people is helping them lead a normal and rich life.

First of all, disabled people should have access to restrooms and should be able to use them without any restriction or discomfort. Whether you are remodeling your home bathroom to accommodate a disabled person’s needs, or you are remodeling the restrooms of your business for giving access to your disabled audience, here is what you need to know.


ADA Requirements

Bathroom remodeling done for the disabled has to be ADA compliant. ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) have very specific indications on how a bathroom should be built and equipped when it’s being used by people with physical disabilities.


ADA Compliant Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel for people with disabilities has to follow the following guidelines:

  • Easy to access toilet
  • A mirror placed at a height where the person using it to see themselves
  • Handlebars and grab bars wherever needed
  • Plenty of space for a wheelchair to rotate
  • Doorknobs and cabinet knobs replaced with pulls
  • 36 inches wide doorways
  • Accessible shower space and adjustable shower head
  • Ramps installed if needed


These are only a few of the specifications written in the Act, and changes or additions may apply locally, so make sure you verify the local law.


DIY or Professional Contractor?

For this kind of job, a DIY project is not feasible, because the result might not be compliant with the ADA specifications. A professional contractor from your area with experience in building or remodeling ADA-compliant bathrooms will know what the local laws are, how to adapt the existing bathroom to the new standards, and solve issues that you might not be able to predict or prevent.

We at Homestar Building Performance are fully licensed, experienced contractors with countless bathroom remodel in our portfolio. We like the challenges every new project raises and we always find a way to make your new structure the way the owner wanted.

We are fully equipped and trained to remodel your bathroom to comply with all the ADA requirements in California, and we also focus on transforming your bathroom esthetically, into a welcoming and eye-pleasing area.

For a project plan and a cost estimate, give us a call at 707-849-9237 or send us a message through our online form on our website.


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