For a disabled bathroom to fulfill its purpose and be a welcoming space at the same time, design and function have to go hand in hand. The goal of a bathroom remodel that caters to the needs of disabled people is to plan ahead as much as you can and prepare to be flexible as well when the situation requires it.

The most important thing to consider when remodeling a disabled bathroom is to comply with standards, as they are crucial for the user’s safety and well-being. So, before you start picking color schemes and different layouts for the bathroom, be sure you know all the official standards for such a construction project.


Create a Cohesive Look

Whatever style, palette, and layout you choose having everything fit together is the secret to designing a good-looking bathroom. Too many patterns, colors, or textures will distract the visitor instead of working together for a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere.


Decorate the Bathroom

Use decorations like plants, paintings, pictures, baskets and boxes, even bathroom furniture to add more warmth to the space. However, make sure to always leave plenty of space for a person to move and turn in a wheelchair or when using a walking frame.


Build a Walk-In Shower

While bathtubs and cabin showers are the most common choices for bathrooms, for a disabled person it can be very difficult to get in and out. Build a walk-in shower and consider adding handlebars, even seating if the person requires it.


Move Away From a Dull Look

Most often, disabled bathrooms look dull, with a lot of stainless steel accessories and all-white tiles. This can make the interior of a bathroom boring, sterile, and uncomfortable. Bringing life to your bathroom design can be easily done by choosing more creative accessories, colorful tiles, and decorations.

To conclude, building a beautiful bathroom for disabled persons can be done by taking your time to find the proper fixtures, building a safe space while still considering the final look.


Ready For Your Stylish Bathroom?

We at Homestar Building Performance know everything it takes to build a bathroom that’s easy to use, accessible and ergonomic for people with physical disabilities. What we love to do is take these projects to the next level and design beautiful, stylish, amazing bathrooms that actually please the eye.

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