It can be a struggle to find enough storage space in your home. But a remodel is the perfect time to add more storage space, and make sure all of your stuff can be kept at-hand – but out of the way. In this article, Homestar Building Performance will discuss a few creative storage ideas, including small kitchen remodel ideas, bathroom ideas, and more.


  1. Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors
    With glass kitchen cabinet doors, you can show off your dishes – and it’s easier to stay organized, since you can see all of your most important kitchenware and utensils. This will also encourage you to stay organized! This is one of the best small kitchen remodel ideas, because the glass also helps the room feel larger and airier.


  1. Recessed Shelving In Bathrooms
    Got a small bathroom? You may be able to cut into the wall to add recessed shelving or cabinets – this helps you maximize storage space while minimizing clutter in your bathroom.


  1. Over-Toilet Cabinets
    You can get a custom-made cabinet that will fit in the normally-unused around your toilet, and can be used to hold bathroom essentials and supplies without taking up much room. This is another great idea for small bathrooms.


  1. Custom Shelving In Closets
    Custom shelving is great for entryway closets, storage closets, utility closets, and bedroom closets alike. You can squeeze extra space into your closet that may otherwise go unused – which can help declutter your home.


  1. Furniture With Hidden Storage & Large, Open Shelves In Living Areas
    For living areas, we recommend investing in side tables, coffee tables, and benches with hidden storage so that you can keep things like blankets, remotes, and other essentials nearby – but out of the way.

    Large, open shelves are also great for decorating and displaying books, and can be used with closed containers to keep other essentials organized. Custom shelving can be used to maximize storage – without cluttering up your living space.


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