Remodeling a bathroom is a great way to restore both the look and feel of this area of your home. A well-thought-out project can even make your bathroom look brand new, sometimes even with minimal costs as long as you know what changes to make.

But, remodeling a bathroom can be messy, and if you are happy with the floors and don’t want to change those, it’s natural to feel a bit worried. A good contractor should be able to put your mind at ease.


How to Protect the Bathroom Floors

First, it’s important to consider what the remodeling plan involves to see if you even need to be worried about your floors at all. For instance, if all you need is to change the mirror and install extra lights or swap the current cabinets, there’s no reason to believe these changes will affect the bathroom floor at all.

However, for slightly bigger projects, this concern is understandable. Whenever there’s pain, heavy furniture that needs to be moved, or major fixture changes (such as the toilet), the possibility of ruining the floor persists.

Even if the tile itself is not damaged, you can still have unwanted stains because of the remodeling work. If you have tiles, the first place that will attract dirt and stains is the group, coincidentally the hardest place to clear.

To protect your floor, the contractor should apply a protective layer over it to make sure the bathroom floor isn’t affected by the rest of the work. This can be:

  • Special cardboard
  • Floor protection film
  • Tape for specific areas


Other Measures to Protect the Floors

Apart from what goes over the floor, the contractor in charge of your bathroom remodel should also plan the project to minimize any damages or mess in your home.

These measures can include:

  • Planning a walking route to the area, to avoid carrying dirt and debris all over the house
  • Wearing protective gear that will come off when needed
  • Cleaning up any major spills right away, regardless of the protective layers on the floor.

Your bathroom remodel contractor should include these protective measures into the overall project plan!


Can We Help?

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