Interested in small kitchen remodel ideas? Thinking about remodeling any other room in your home? You may have run into some of these common remodeling myths! In this article from Homestar Building Performance, we’ll bust these misconceptions about home renovations.


  1. You’ll Always “Make Money” On A Home Remodel
    A home remodel can improve the value of your home, but you will never make back 100% of the money you spend on remodeling your house. A kitchen remodel usually has a return on investment (ROI) of between 70-84%. Bathrooms usually have an ROI of about 71%.

    While adding value to your home is possible with a remodel, you should remodel your home because it will make it a better place to live – not to make money.


  1. You Don’t Need Permits For A Remodel
    This depends on your remodeling project. If you’re just putting up wallpaper and swapping a few light fixtures, you may not need a permit. Knocking down a wall? Changing plumbing or electrical wiring? You probably need a permit from your local government, so work with a contractor who can help you secure the permission you need.


  1. DIY Can Save You Money
    DIY is only a good idea for very simple projects, like painting, changing wallpaper, or swapping out flooring. If you’re taking on a larger project like a kitchen remodel, the process is a lot more complicated – and if you make mistakes or do something wrong, correcting the problem can be a lot more expensive. It’s a better idea to work with experienced home remodeling contractors like Homestar Building Performance.


  1. It’s Cheaper And Easier To Remodel Room-By-Room
    A room-by-room renovation may seem appealing, but if you’re planning on renovating your entire home, it’s actually less expensive and inconvenient to remodel the whole house at once. Your contractors will be able to work more quickly and efficiently, and the project will be done much faster. If you have the money to do so, improving your whole home at once is the best option.


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