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Homestar Building Performance was founded by Sonoma County natives and longtime friends Londo Franci and Nate Gulbransen. Rooted firmly in the community, Homestar Building Performance was founded to give residents of the Northbay the avenue they need to make their homes more comfortable, healthy and efficient. We pride ourselves on our ability to look into all the nooks and crannies of a home and, using our very advanced tools and techniques, determine a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to help the homeowner achieve their goals. From full energy efficient remodels to simple duct and air sealing, the team at Homestar has the experience to handle it all.

Londo Franci

Londo FranciLondo Franci grew up in the construction business. His family's construction company, Franci Construction has been recognized as a leader in the North Bay’s custom home industry for more than 40 years. When North Bay architects and designers looked for perfection, they found Franci Construction. There is a family spirit behind Londo’s unwavering commitment to quality, along with a skill set that many believe can't be equaled in the North Bay. Londo is BPI certified, a B-license general contractor and a certified welder.

When Londo wasn't building custom homes with his family he was building ski lifts and installing avalanche control guns in the Sierras. Londo lives in Forestville with his wife Selena, son Gabriel and beautiful new daughter Brooke. When not hunting down-drafts and various other energy suckers in our customer's homes, Londo can be found riding his mountain bike, guiding fishing trips for his friends or hanging out at the river with his family and their pair of Springer Spaniels; Amber and Stella.

Nate Gulbransen

Nate GulbransenA Solar Industry veteran and longtime "green geek" Nate Gulbransen's vision for Homestar was based on his desire to create a sustainable and healthy environment for his family and others living in the North Bay. Nate has a long history of working with alternative energy projects, from his early days as a bike mechanic with The Bike Hut in Rohnert Park, his time in sales with ZAP electric vehicles and eventually to founding the North Bay’s leading solar energy company with his friend and partner Jeremy Greer. As president of Westcoast Solar Energy, Nate has become acutely aware of the need for homeowners and business owners to find solutions to energy cost and use. Homestar Building Performance can help provide those solutions.

Nate lives in Bennett Valley with his daughter Sophia, son Nolan and dog Hogan. He enjoys being outside in all shapes and forms with his kids from bicycling to snowboarding to going to the beach or backpacking. Nate also spends considerable time volunteering with the Active 20-30 club of the North Bay, helping improve the lives of under-privileged children in our community.

Angela Christianson

Nate GulbransenWith credentials in Commercial and Residential Design, Angela has a passion to create living environments that incorporate sustainable and green elements with universal design principles. She believes that home energy efficiency rounds out these principals and completes a “whole house” view of what new builds are now incorporating and what ready-builds need to upgrade to. It’s her hope that everyone can have a “whole house” understanding and to have the experience of living in spaces that enhance the quality of life.

Angela lives in Petaluma where she has raised her three children, James, Christa and Jason. She enjoys volunteering at wine tasting events, ballroom dance, and attending her son’s football games.

Dominic D'Assis

Nate GulbransenAfter working abroad building high end construction projects in Hawaii and Arizona Dominic has returned to the Bay Area with the desire to use his masonry skills and knowledge of concrete construction to improve the way homes are built and the way communities thrive.

Dominic is enjoying living in Petaluma, a rich and vibrant community, with his two sons. He studies Capoeia (an Afro-Brazilian Martial Art) and enjoys volunteering in his community at a private farm at The Petaluma Wild Life Rescue.

C-61D-06 Specialty Concrete License.

We care about the planet and how each home or business can affect our environment. Homestar offers a team of energy professionals who have been on the front line of the energy industry for more than a decade. Our experience includes years as licensed building and electrical contractors. We are certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI), which is the leader in building analysis training and specifications.

At Homestar we are committed to helping you keep your environment safe and healthy. Our air quality testing includes combustion appliance inspection and repair, air quality testing including carbon monoxide detection, duct testing and airflow testing.

Homestar Building Performance is a BPI Accredited Contractor.

Prior to becoming certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI) we trained in BPI's rigorous house-as-a-system approach. Our ongoing training keeps our certification current.

We are certified to conduct blower door tests, air quality testing including carbon monoxide detection and combustion appliance inspection, duct testing, airflow testing and more. For more information about BPI's standards, see their Technical Standards for Building Analysts (PDF). All of our energy audits are done by BPI-certified building analysts, and our contracting work reflects the latest knowledge and advances in building science.

We are an Energy Upgrade California Partner.

Energy Upgrade California is a subsidiary of the EPA's Energy Star program. The Home Performance Program, as opposed to Energy Star Homes (which is a label for new buildings), is focused exclusively on upgrading the energy efficiency of existing homes. The program operates through a system of regional partners, all of whom must hold a certification from the Building Performance Institute.