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Home Performance

Thermographic InspectionAt the core of Home Performance is a philosophy that homes should be safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, and efficient.

When purchasing your home it is assumed the concerns you would have include the comfort of the home, its ability to provide that comfort at an energy cost that is manageable and whether or not the home will provide a safe and healthy environment. After all, most people will make their home the largest investment of their lives and a home performance inspector understands that value your home should provide.

If a homeowner went to a window salesman, an insulation contractor and a heating technician with a question on how to improve energy efficiency, each could have a different answer. Replace the windows, insulate the home or buy a better heater, but a Home Performance technician is not in the market to sell you anything. Their job is to inspect and report what they find, which will allow you to pursue the repairs based on a thorough understanding of what should be improved.

As a homeowner you might not see all the detail that goes into a home’s ductwork, air sealing or insulation, but working with a certified energy specialist, you will see things you might never have known existed.

The specific areas of home performance we report on include:

  1. Health: Our job is to ensure that your home's indoor air quality is not a threat to you or your family's health.
  2. Safety: Assessing the safety of a home includes inspecting appliances that may be emitting carbon monoxide into the home, identifying mold and mold susceptible areas as a potential safety issue.
  3. Efficiency: Consider that a heating or cooling duct might be operating at 50% capacity due to an unknown leak. This means you are literally sending 50% of your energy and the dollars it costs to produce that energy into the air. We can show you how to keep the dollars in your home while providing the necessary information to allow you to live in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.
  4. Comfort: The saying, "your home is your castle,” doesn’t mean you have to live in a drafty, cold and damp environment. We can help to identify those areas within your home that allow for drafts to enter, or heat to escape to allow you the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of a home.

Our certified technicians can help you to define areas within your home where potential problems can affect health and safety issues and show you how to reduce your energy consumption and costs.