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Understanding the Energy Assessment

Commercial Services

An energy assessment can identify significant cost savings for your business. Homestar Building Performance will review your business’ energy usage and electricity and heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC).

Making a commitment to having a greener business can have a profound impact on our environment and go a long way toward building employee and customer respect. Business owners will also want to know the answer to a series of questions regarding making a commitment toward greening a business.

Cost Savings: An energy efficient business will reduce its energy cost. Knowing where the savings can be found is what the Homestar Building Performance audit will provide. Your business will know what steps to take and the order that those steps should be taken.

Employee Motivation: Implementing green programs that allow employees to help identify ways to reduce energy consumption can have a dramatic effect on employee motivation and morale. Our certified technicians will provide the direction and guidelines to develop a program that will enable employees to participate in the process.

Customer Loyalty: Let your customers know you have concern for the environment and that your company has taken steps to reduce your energy consumption by reducing energy waste. There are many companies that will look forward to doing business with similar minded management.

Competitive Advantage: Reducing your energy cost can mean more dollars that can be spent building your business, rather than the energy providers business.